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Earth Conscious and Socially Responsible

No community nor company exists within a vacuum. We at Sobek Digital are committed to being both earth conscious and socially responsible participants in our global community. As such, we are constantly looking for initiatives we can support to enrich the world in a positive manner. Below are just a couple of our initiatives, but if you would like to suggest other ways we can help, please drop us a line at

The greatest environmental impact of a hosting company is the electrical cost of maintaining the servers and server room. We offset more than 100% of our energy costs by supporting wind and solar energy initiatives here in the United States. This money supports the development of newer and better wind and solar gardens, both offsetting our energy costs and building for a better, cleaner tomorrow.

A portion of our proceeds supports digitization projects in emerging and third-world nations around the globe. These funds allow for preservation, digitization, and digital archiving of materials at risk as well as training and building human capacity to help build sustainable programs. While we currently support projects that are working on these goals, we hope to offer more direct funding to specific projects in the future.

Management Team

Mark Sullivan

Mark V. Sullivan
CIO & Application Architect

Mark has been supporting library and museum needs for over fifteen years and has been the lead architect on SobekCM, the enterprise-level open source digital library management system and suite of tools, for over ten years. He has extensive experience working in collaborative digitization projects bridging the gap between smaller and larger galleries, libraries, archives, and museums. Mark has been supporting other instances of SobekCM and developing custom workflow solutions for over seven years and continues to nourish collaborative digitization throughout the U.S. and Caribbean.

Paul Sullivan

Paul M. Sullivan
COO & Infrastructure Architect

Paul has over 15 years of experience supporting networked application infrastructure. His experience has focused on deploying new code reliably and securely. He holds multiple industry certifications, including the industry-leading security certification CISSP and Microsoft System Engineer certifications including MCSE:Security. Paul has both experience and extensive training to design, deploy and support private cloud architectures. He has supported multiple organizations successfully completing industry recognized IT practice certifications such as ISO27001 and PCI.