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Hosting Solutions

Libraries and museums demand solutions to manage their online presence and make their unique digital and scholarly resources available for patrons at the same time many are seeing a decline in overall budgets. Sobek Digital offers a fixed cost hosted cloud solution to support institutional needs quickly and in a scalable way. Our hosting solution is a fraction of the cost of other solutions and provides more functionality across the board for your materials. Less money spent on socio-technical infrastructure allows institutions to focus on other needs, while we take care of your digital library, institutional repository, or your object database.

Sobek Digital is the perfect blend of open source and hosted solutions. Implementing your own open source solution can often take years and many resources, but working with Sobek Digital, we will create an instance of the non-proprietary, open source SobekCM Digital Repository software for you in our cloud. We will monitor, manage, and handle all upgrades to your instance as well as assist in minor customizations and initial design work. Using Sobek Digital your digital library presence will land on its feet and be able to focus on the digitization and curation of materials instead of the technical hurdles. And if your technology strategy changes later, you can migrate the entire open source solution to your infrastructure at any time. Or you may choose to contribute to the code base, to enhance your own solution and the larger community as well.

Price Sheet

We offer two levels of pricing, based on the size and complexity of your digital repository. In addition, we offer discounts based on institutional type, size, and region. We will work with you to theme your instance, to provide the uniform look and feel with your own institutional website for that single online patron experience.

The Basic Bundle is for smaller institutions with limited material and is capped at 50GB of resources for $2,500 annually. This includes unlimited support, online training, and twenty hours of custom development and design.

Our Signature Bundle can handle increased complexity and size while still getting your institution up and running within days. This premium option can scale as large as you need and includes on-site training and forty-five hours annually of development and design work to customize the user experience for your institution. The non-discounted cost for Signature hosting, with up to 1 TB of space and your own instance in the cloud, is $8,500 annually.

Do you have a quote from another major digital library hosting company? We will match the price and double any size limitations of many major digital library hosting companies if their quote is somehow less than ours. Don't settle for less when you can have far more space, better technology, and better service at a considerable discount.

FeatureBasic BundleSignature Bundle
Plan Cost$2,500$8,500
Digital resource web space
Included size of hosted web resourcesLimited to 50 GB1 TB (1024 GB)
Each additional 500 GB of web spacen/a$500
Digital repository URLs
Standard * URLIncludedIncluded
First custom URL pointed to the hosted serversIncludedIncluded
Each additional custom URLn/a$500
Other features
Custom development20 hours40 hours
Ten hours of custom theming assistanceIncludedIncluded
Unlimited support IncludedIncluded
Access to ticket system IncludedIncluded
Automatic upgrades to new version of the softwareIncludedIncluded
Premium usage analysis and monthly usage emailsIncludedIncluded
Online trainingIncludedIncluded
Automatic backup and redundant storageIncludedIncluded
Assistance with migrationIncludedIncluded
FTP access for bulk uploadingIncludedIncluded
On-site TrainingIncluded
Access to all premium plug-insIncluded

Some discounts may also apply. To discuss pricing for your institution, please contact us at

Price Calculator

The Basic Bundle is priced at a flat $2,500 annually and scales up to 50GB of data.

The Signature Bundle can scale to as much capacity and complexity as you may need. Use the calculator below to estimate your annual hosting costs on the Signature plan before any discounts are applied:

Signature Bundle1$8,500
Digital resource web space
Web resource space Free
Digital repository URLs
Standard * URL1Free
Custom URL Free
Other features
Custom theming assistanceTen hoursFree
Custom development programmingForty hoursFree
Support (troubleshooting and general)UnlimitedFree
Access to ticket system   XFree
Automatic upgrades to new version of the software   XFree
Premium usage analysis and monthly usage emails   XFree
Online training   XFree
Automatic backup and redundant storage   XFree
Assistance with migration   XFree
FTP access for bulk uploading   XFree

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