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SobekCM Online Resources

There are many resources online that describe the open-source SobekCM Content Management system in detail and provide links to the code. These tools will help you learn the system, see how to administer the site, and much more.

Please see the following external sites for more information:

Main SobekCM Help and Community Pages

This site provides very specific help about the entire SobekCM system for both permissioned users and for those who want to download and install the software, or currently maintain a SobekCM instance. This includes the code help pages which automatically update every night to reflect the latest code commits. This site contains some of the schemas utilized by the SobekCM system.

Training Videos

Collection of training videos created by Sobek Digital and distributed via the Sobek Digital News Feed list serv.

YouTube Site

This site contains many instructional videos on the system details, including a four piece training session (approximately six hours total) for curators and collection managers. Some of this information is a little bit out of date, as the videos were made from a previous version. Nonetheless, this content is very good.

Google Code Site

The full code for each release is put on this site for download. In addition, there is a ticket system here to request new features or report bugs with the code itself.

GitHub Daily Builds

The daily builds are available through GitHub. These builds will compile but you may need to run SQL scripts to get the build working fully.

For more information, send us an email or join the Google Discussion List.


Organized live demonstration

We are organizing WebEx meetings to perform live demonstrations of the SobekCM software for the weeks of July 6th and July 13th. Please participate by clicking the link below to let us know which date and times are best for you. If you prefer a private demonstration, please contact us at

Join us for a live demo! Let us know your availability!

Self-guided demonstrations

We have several live demonstration sites that you can use to work with the system and to highlight the features of the system. Please contact us to request permission to upload content and see how the administrative portions function. Occasionally, the demo site will be overwritten and all your changes will be lost.

The video below provides a very good overview of many of the features of the system as well. It is just the first part of a four part series which goes in depth showing many of the administrative and curatorial features that can be found on the SobekCM You Tube site.

In addition, the following sites are particularly good demonstrations sites:

* FIU dPanther utilizes the core of SobekCM and builds a new front-end utilizing that core and ArcGIS